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"Hoosick" 12 from Rensselaer County pg 555

Hoosick - was formed as a district, March 24, 1772, and as a town, March 7, 1788.  It lies in the N.E. corner of the county.  Its surface consists of the narrow valley of Hoosick River, and the wild, rocky regions of the Taghkanick and Petersburgh Mts., rising respectively on the E. and W.  The two highest peaks are Fondas Hill in the S. E. and Potters Hill in the S.W. each about 900 feet above tide.  The valleys are very narrow, and are bordered by steep hillsides.  A belt of dark slate, which is quarried for roofing, extends along the E. bank of the river.   East of the river, the rocks consist of a slaty shale and limestone, the latter furnishing lime.  The principal streams are Hoosick and Walloonsac Rivers, Punch Kil, White Creek, and Shaw Brook.  The soil among the mountains is hard and sterile, but in the valleys it is principally clay, mixed with disintegrated slate.  In the S. E. corner are 3 springs, from which issue nitrogen gas.  Flax is very extensively cultivated.  Considerable attention is also paid to manufactures.

Hoosick Falls, (p.v.) was incorp. April 14, 1827.  Pop 1200.  It contains Ball's Seminary, 2 foundries, 2 cotton factories, 2 reaping and mowing machine factories, and 1 establishment for the manufacturer of machinery for cotton and woolen factories.

North Hoosick (p.v.) contains 175 inhabitants, and Buskirks Bridge (p.v.) 125;  Hoosick Corners (Hoosick (p. o.) 10, and Potter Hill (p.o) 7.  This town was included in the Hoosick Patent, granted June 3, 1688, Hoosick Patent by several Dutch families.  A Dutch church was founded, and known as the "Tyoshoke Church," at San Coick, near the N. border of the town.  The settlement at Hoosick was entirely broken up by a party of French and Indians on the 28th of Aug 1754.  Two persons were killed and the houses, barns and crops were destroyed.  The next day the settlement of San Coick, S. of Hoosick, was also destoryed.  The battle of Bennington was fought in this town, Aug. 16, 1777.  The census reports 6 churches in town.

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