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Marriages at the Seventh-Day Baptist Church in Hoosick 1801-1838

Sweet family Marriages:

Performed by Elder Willaim Satterlee, Elder of the Seventh-Day Baptist Church of Little Hoosac, N.Y., between 1801 and 1837-1837, from his old book, the original of which is in the possession of Sylvester Satterlee of Berlin, N. Y.; copied from the original by Miss Leone Hall of Williamstown, Mass, New York. [Rensselaer Co., NY GenWeb]

Page 1:
John I. Brimmer to Hannah Sweet
Luther Sweet to Clarissa Cory
Maxon Green to Harriet Davis

Page 2:
Nicholas Green to Polly Kenyon
Jerry Milliard to Betsey Sweet
Thomas Carpenter to Jane Russell
Sylvester Carpenter to Susan Umphrey
Mr. Fauster to Susan Carpenter
Schuyler Green to Martha Carpenter
Eli Townsend to Harriet Carpenter
Joshua B. Maxon to Polly Carpenter
Samuel Browning to Mercy Carpenter

Page 3:
James Hubbard to Amy Carpenter
James Denison to Esther Green
Asa Coon to Sally Green
Daniel Green to Amy Godfrey

Page 4:
Thomas Green to Polly Whitford
Jerod Green to Sally Potter
Orsen Cambell to Anna Green

Page 5:
Date entered 20 June 1824
Orison Coon to Polly Carpenter
Martin Townsend to Polly Carpenter
Mr. Perry to Dedroh Carpenter

Page 6:
Eden Carpenter
Orin Green to Lydia Coon
Andrew Hewit to Abigail Green
John Green to two times
Winter Green to Lucrety Sanders
Stephen Lawrence to Amanda Green
John Randolph to Esther Green
Horace Hakes (or Hare) to Sinthy Green
Ray Green to Lucy Maxon
Joseph Green to Polly Gavet

Page 7:
Jonathan Smith 25 to Silvene Sweet, 18; 1835
Silas Davis to Emaline Carpenter; 1830

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