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Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to the Beginning

Sarah Grace Sweet Warren Wood

Born - 13 January 1799

1850 Aaron Johnson Company to Utah:  Age at departure:  51  = 1799
Mother of Charles Wesley Warren, William James Warren, Amos Sweet Warren, and Mary Dorcas Warren.
Nora Carter's history of Sarah Grace, her grandmother:  13 January 1799 in Hoosick
1850 Census:  age 52 = 1798 or 1799
1860 Census:  age 61 = 1799 in New York

Parents:  Amos Sweet and Dorcas
Nora Carter's history of Sarah Grace, her grandmother:  of Amos and Dorcas Sweet
Naming of her children:
    John W. Warren born Nov 1824 - John is the father of husband Zenos Cogner Warren
    Charles Wesley born 3 Jan 1826 - no obvious family tie
    William James born 11 Mar 1829 - no obvious family tie
    Amos Sweet born 10 Jun 1831,  Father of Sarah Sweet
    Mary Dorcas born 7 May 1833,  Mary is the name of Zenos C's mother. Dorcas is Sarahs.

Married Zenos Cogner Warren - 
Sharon Gallup  in Amos Sweet Warren pg 2 
Family Tree 9/20/2013   about 1820 of Hoosick, Rensse., New York
Marilyn Gee Fronk 3 May 2012 FT shows 4 March 1823 of Hoosick, Rensselder, NY
JP Foley 3 May 2012 FT shows 4 Mar 1823 with no location

Married Daniel Wood - 2 April 1837 in Michigan
Charles Wesley Warren's book (1826-1850) by Sharon Gallup  in Amos Sweet Warren pg 2

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