Saturday, February 11, 2017

Too many Amos'. Who's line is it anyway?

This is the old information that was submitted to the Church, but also to all descendents of Amos Jr. and Mary Dorcas.

The problem is that the information on Amos is incorrect.

There are multiple Amos' born in 1766.

Amos and Hannah Richardson Sweet
had Amos 30 Jun 1766 in Attleboro.  He is not our ancestor.

Our Amos did not marry two women:  1.  Mercy Carpenter and 2. Mary Dorcas.  They were having children at the same time, and Mercy's husband was in Canada.

Mercy's husband Amos was the son of Amos and Elizabeth Straight Sweet.  He was born 5 Mar 1766, and died 10 May 1838.  He is not our ancestor.

I have a birth date of 5 Feb 1766.  I cannot find proof to whom it belongs.
I have a death date of 1832.  I have not found whom that date belongs to either.
     These may be the dates of our Amos.

David's Amos was born 26 Dec 1755.  I have not found his wifes name but Amos receives the land at his father's death.  Land records may include her name.

Beekman Amos is thought to have been born about 1754.  (This is David's Amos:  born 26 Dec 1755)

Amos of Milford was born 15 Mar 1784 and died 28 Jan 1823.  This makes him too young to be the parents of the children listed above.

Ulysses Amos is a bit hard to read in 1800.  He has too many children in the household but he is the correct age.  He deserves more research.

  Dorcas as the most common name of Amos' wife, mother of Sarah Grace.
  Marriage 1783, by two seperate submissions.
  Amos birth 1766 in Hoosick, Rensselaer, NY,  Death 1848.
  Mercy's husbands birth and death - which are incorrect.

Amos Sweet 1766 - 1848 of Hoosick, New York
Mary Dorcas// 1768 - 
  Married 1783
    Children:  Amos 1791-  (Aunt Betty Wood had 1784)
                    Elias 1795 -   ( Aunt Betty Wood had 1791)
                    Sarah Grace - 1799  (This information is from her children) in Hoosick, Ren, NY
                    Lydia - 1802


  1. Thanks so much for all of your research and posting it online. Eunice Sweet Brayton is my paternal 4th great grand aunt. I discovered your blog while searching for information on her brother-in-law, Matthew Brayton. Feel free to email me!